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Reducing your DNAs – Free eLearning course

by in DNAs, Training

It’s ten past nine, you glance at the clock and look at the appointment list – Miss Millennial is late for her appointment again. Maybe she is running late? No, it turns out she has missed a booked appointment again. The third time. You sigh and shake your head! You have just turned away three patients who called wanting appointments, and now you are going to have to spend the time you needed for other things writing to Miss Millennial for persistent non-attendance. You run a quick report to see how many missed appointments you’ve had this week… 10! That’s over an hour and a half of appointment time, and 10 other patients this week you’ve had to turn away. Frustrating for you, the practice, other patients AND it is costing you time and money!

According to NHS England more than 15 million GP appointments are wasted every year due to patients not turning up, costing over £216 million pounds. Imagine what that money could be used for if it was utilised within the NHS more effectively? Or if your patients could be seen more quickly because appointments were more readily available as they were cancelled when they were not needed. Increasing satisfaction and, naturally improving their health more quickly!

Now, in response to this growing concern, Practice Index brings you a brand new eLearning course focusing on DNAs. Suitable for the whole healthcare team, this comprehensive course looks at the issue of DNAs within your practice, how to monitor and track their progress and some proven ideas and techniques for you to implement to reduce them. Free to access, your practice can save valuable administration time and save wasted appointments.

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2 Responses to “Reducing your DNAs – Free eLearning course”
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    Wendy Says:

    Where is the free Reducing DNA module


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