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One thing I forgot to do before becoming a practice manager – PM Polly

by in Funny

There’s one thing I forgot to do before becoming a practice manager. It was rather remiss of me. Naive even.

I did remember to come into the job with HR experience, project management and governance knowledge. I even brushed up with a health and safety course, some safeguarding training and CPR.

What I forgot to complete before becoming a practice manager was the four-year, professional, person-centred counselling qualification which is an absolute necessity and perhaps would have enabled me to deal with some of the following problems with more ease and less of an inclination to put my hand in the paper shredder at the end of each day.

Maybe I’d have dealt better with the healthcare assistant who cried for 40 minutes because her new bathroom was a slightly different shade of ivory than she’d expected. “It’s just a bathroom; there are more important things…” didn’t seem to console her.

Perhaps I’d have demonstrated more empathy towards the GP who was still feeling ‘down’ having fallen off a dining chair while singing ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ at the Christmas do. “Get over it” didn’t seem to help much.

When the secretary wept because she’d discovered her booking to go and see ‘Take That’ had actually been for ‘Take Fat’ (an overweight tribute act who couldn’t sing), if I’d have been a counsellor perhaps she wouldn’t have stormed off to the toilet when I suggested that at least she may have more chance of dating one of those guys.

During an appraisal with the practice nurse, maybe if I’d had more knowledge of counselling theory, I wouldn’t have laughed until black mascara drops blotted her PDR form when she stated that the place she hoped to be in five years’ time was… being a winner of ‘Love Island’.

When a patient complained because, in their opinion, the automated door opened too slowly, making it a “death trap”, perhaps if I’d had some training, I might have said something rather different to, “Then I suggest you don’t come through it again – that should solve both of our problems.”

It could also have helped with Mary’s marriage, Darren’s problematic dog, Dr Ribbon’s teenager, Penny’s anxious mum, Sarah’s grumpy grandad, Nurse Ellie’s body odour issue, and Dr Norris’s pension pot woes. Scrap that last one – no amount of counselling would have given me enough sympathy for that.

So, thinking of practice management? Get yourself a counselling qualification first. You’re going to need it!

PM Polly


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PM Polly

PM Polly

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5 Responses to “One thing I forgot to do before becoming a practice manager – PM Polly”
  1. Avatar
    Ravinder Rupraj Says:

    what course would you recommend. I have tried to research for qualifications for managers and I can’t seem to find much on the subject.


  2. Debbie PM
    Debbie PM Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!!However I am working hard on my skills with GIN and St Johns Wort (TOGETHER) I think its working although the fog only clears occasionally!


  3. Jane PM
    Jane PM Says:

    This cheered me up no end on a dull Friday in January! So true and only other PM’s know the feeling – you have to be able to keep smiling through it no matter how forced


  4. Avatar
    Cheryl PM Says:

    This brightened my day – thank you so much! I completely agree with you.


  5. Avatar
    Karen Allen Says:

    I am training to be a practice manager and this made me laugh so much!
    Thank you


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