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The new CQC phonecall – with all 22 answers!

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There has been a wealth of information detailing the recent change for general practice to the CQC inspection procedures that came into force on 1st April 2019. This will affect those practices rated outstanding or good, which of course is the vast majority of you. 

Whilst the formal inspection every five years will remain, to ensure that there is no upwards or downwards drift during this period, there will be an annual telephone call called the Annual Regulatory Review or ARR. Information that the practice provides to the CQC Inspector is called the Provider Information Collection or PIC.  

Naturally, there is apprehension over this change. The Practice Index Forum is now alive with information and feedback from PMs who have already had their phone call. Most report that, actually, it was not a bad experience. Timescales have been one of the main talking points as although the CQC advises that it should not be any longer than an hour, comments state that it has ranged from just over 30 minutes to over two hours.  

Help is here 

In response to demand from members for clear and concise information on the ARR process, Practice Index has released an essential guidance document for PLUS members to support you and your practice: A Guide to the CQC Annual Regulatory Review Process [PLUS]

In a unique approach, I have explored each of the 22 set questions that span the five domains and provided some useful guidance that will help guide you through the compliance requirements to use when “the inspector calls”. 

In addition to the suggested thoughts to consider when putting your response together, I have also linked relevant PLUS policies, any training opportunities on the eLearning HUB, NICE guidance and other credible reference material. All of this will assist your preparation for the phone call that will be coming to you in the next few months, if not already!

Planning is key! 

If you have not had the initial phone call to state that you now have four weeks to draft your answers, my advice would be to prepare now. The standard 22 questions from which the CQC Inspector will ask is available here. There will be no shockers on the day, as they will not slip in that random question to keep you on your toes. Therefore, by downloading this document and then by starting to work on your answers, you will be ahead of the game which will allow you to relax on your sun lounger this summer, a glass of bubbly in hand knowing that all is good with the world! 

Good luck over the coming months. 



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