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Just when I thought I had it sorted… By Nicola Davies

by in COVID-19, Opinion

Well, it’s been a while dear reader, but the rant is back, and I hate to say it’s all things COVID! But, there’s nothing else going on in the world after all!

Earlier last week, I sat down with my nurses and worked out a plan of action to sort out second doses of our beloved COVID -19 vaccine for our nursing home and housebound patients of which we have over 100.  I’d got all the dates organised, emailed the nursing homes, sorted out the vaccines – everything was going to plan, and then, I received an email stating that the second dose absolutely couldn’t be given before Day 77 (this contradicted an earlier email that my nurses had received, but it actually wasn’t that bit that got my hackles up) it was this bit: “1st dose (Day 77 onwards) and no earlier. They are using information on Foundry to track this”

So, “using the information on Foundry to track this” actually means behaving in a Big Brother-like manner and making sure we toe the line.  Now, I know that evidentially, the second one should be given at a particular time and I don’t have a problem with the data changing – all COVID has done is change week by week – but is there ever a need to threaten us with someone sat in their Ivory Tower watching our every move, making sure we behave?

In organising our visits, I have done everything I can to ensure that my clinicians don’t work over Easter.  We all absolutely need a break – us included.  I tried to manipulate our sessions so that we’d have a nurse visiting doing these jabs, without too much impact on my existing service provision.  Now, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board – and that’s fine – nothing is insurmountable as far as I’m concerned (World Domination is on the cards for 2022, believe me!) but do not threaten me with ‘tracking’.  How very dare they!  They will not find my data lacking, nor will it be incorrect – what a shame we can’t say the same about MYS!

And then, if that wasn’t enough and as if my blood pressure was already not sky high, I drive home to hear that the BBC had had sight of a letter that suggested there was an issue with the delivery of vaccines for the next four weeks. I was aware there was a webinar where this was going to be discussed, but the point of my rage is that the webinar was taking place at 6.15 pm that night – and yet the BBC had already seen the letter!

I actually parked up and sent a Tweet. I know – my rage knows no bounds – you should see me when I’m really angry. I don’t turn green AKA The Hulk, but it’s not pretty – ask my husband!

As a co-founder of IGPM, I know we’re making headway, but we’re not at the top table yet – and to be honest, it can’t come soon enough.  We cannot continually be the last people in the chain to find out about stuff like this when in fact, we’re the first people that Joe Public contacts.

Mr Hancock can spout all he likes about the issues with deliveries and what they are doing to sort it – but when he comes to Cornwall on holiday (because he booked it during lockdown after telling everyone else not to) I shall be looking out for him. Trust me!

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Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies

Practice Manager regularly ranting about the NHS. 35 years in Primary Care and still getting irritated by constant change for change sake!

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5 Responses to “Just when I thought I had it sorted… By Nicola Davies”
  1. Avatar
    Lisa Chapman Says:

    …………and breathe………………………………xx you are not alone !


  2. Avatar
    Alison H (Cornwall) Says:

    I love a Nicola Davies rant it fills me confidence that I am not alone – it has felt like a groundhog day for so long with the goal posts moving while we are actually kicking the ball!
    PMs are natural planners, organisers, they care for their team so they in turn can give the highest standard of patient care. We HAVE to PLAN to keep this Primary Care show on the road.
    So those people in ivory towers and Mr Hancock can come to our beautiful land of Kernow and enjoy their holiday but they better watch out for more than just the seagulls! As he may well learn PC Management are a friendly and resourceful crew – I can’t wait to meet him – if only to warn him that Nicola is on the prowl and that she gladly will accept his invitation to the top table.


    • Avatar
      Nicola Davies Says:

      Thanks Alison!!! Wouldn’t it be great to actually get him in a surgery….perhaps I should send out a call to our local colleagues – if he wanders in, pin him down!!


  3. Avatar
    Dwysan Says:

    Well said! We had an email a couple of weeks ago threatening all practices in our area that their vaccines may be removed if they didn’t complete the fridge temperature record (even though we of course keep fridge temperature logs way before Covid!!). There’s one thing ‘asking’ and quite another when language like that is used! Solidarity! 🙂


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