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GP Practice Manager’s salary and workload survey 2015

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Here are the results of the salary and workload survey 2015. Thank you to every one that took the time to complete the survey!

Average PM salary: £36,000
Average list size: 8,350

Quick stats
26% of PMs earn £45,000 and above.
77% of PMs are female
48% of PMs have been in post for less than 5 years
42% of PMs contracted to 37.5 hours

Salaries of GP Practice Managers

Quick findings
PMs working in practices of 15,000 – 20,000 patients earn £45,000+
PMs working in practices of 10,200 – 13,500 earn £35,000+

Practice List size alone does not determine the salary of a GP Practice Manager.

Salary Range Group

Lowest List Size

Highest List Size

Under £25,000



£25,000 – £29,999



£30,000 – £34,999



£35,000 – £39,999



£40,000 – £44,999



£45,000 and above



For the full survey results please login to the forum. It’s free to register and to use, you just need an NHS email address.

A huge thanks must go to Robert Campbell at KingfisherPM, a retired PM who undertook the survey and collated results from 88 practice managers.  

[Total: 26    Average: 3.3/5]
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