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GDPR – What’s available to Practice Managers? Part 2

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As the hype continues around the much discussed subject of GDPR, the level of uncertainty rises in parallel. There are a number of really useful resources available to members in relation to this subject, which will help practices in preparation for the effective date of 25th May 2018.

What have we done so far?
What is Part 2 about?
In this session, we will look at privacy notices and what they need to include to be GDPR compliant. First, sit back and watch the short video below:

This video is aimed at covering the key points in relation to privacy notices. Additional resources for this topic are:

Practice Privacy Notice Policy
Children’s Privacy Information Leaflet
Adult Privacy Information Leaflet

What will we continue to do?

As promised, we will continue to review the information that becomes available to us and update our resources accordingly.

What do we want you to do?

Keep asking questions!


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One Response to “GDPR – What’s available to Practice Managers? Part 2”
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    Marie Says:

    I am more interested in the SARS, really we cannot charge for case notes? What about the size of patient case notes, paper staff time particularly if you are a small practice, i have two receptionists, and I can foresee one of them just photocopying or printing from docman, this is appalling.


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