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Five New Years’ Resolutions You Can Start NOW

by in Christmas, GP Practice Management, Health

Composite image of this year i am going toIt’s 2015 already and don’t we know it?! Surgeries are full to capacity with poorly babies and all manner of flu and bugs, you’re managing those endless staff holiday requests as best you can, and your to-do list for jobs at home is making zero progress. Your diet and good habits suffered over Christmas, from hitting the coffee hard all day to relying on that enormous tin of Quality Street to tide you through the afternoon! However, it’s now January and the start of a new year which always brings new hope and new resolutions so here’s some food for thought…

1.       Make Yourself Happy

Make some time in your life for that hobby you’d love to try or get back into, whether it’s getting back into baking or joining that book club your friends keep asking you along to. If not now, then when? Reclaim – or discover for the first time – a proper work-life balance.

2.       Work Smarter

There are myriad ways to save precious office time without compromising on the wonderful job you’re doing. Read up on some of our best time hacks for rushed-off-their-feet Practice Managers here. Then spread the word…

3.       Stay Healthy

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, and cold wintery days can often seem like the worst time to think about cleaning up our diets or getting a little more exercise. But these small changes can be made now and will make you feel better almost instantly. Why wait till January 1st?

4.       Build Your Team

Maybe it’s been a tough year that’s seen a high staff turnover, or perhaps you have a difficult personality dynamic to manage within the practice, but there are ways to bring your team together that are just as well rolled out now than in January. In fact, there’s no better time than Christmas for bringing people together.

5.       Laugh Often

This job certainly isn’t getting any easier right now, so finding time to laugh and support one another is vital. As a leader of people you set a tone and a mood in your workplace that others will learn from, so make sure yours is a professional space but one that’s willing to find the funny side of things, too.

What are your resolutions for 2015? Drop us a comment below or come and chat about it on the forum – we’d love to know what you’re going to be focussing on in 2015. 

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