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Whether you’re just starting out in your career or a veteran of general practice, there will be one three-letter abbreviation you’ll never forget, and that’s ‘CQC’. Now, the seasoned GP workforce knows that CQC stands for ‘Care Quality Commission’ and I’m certain we all have differing opinions of the CQC. However, for today, my views will remain my own and won’t be transcribed into text!

The mention of the words “CQC inspection” tends to send shock waves through the workforce, triggering a chaotic two-week surge in workload and, for some, the phrase “chasing my tail” is uttered many times. Cue an instant onset of stress for the practice manager that nothing will relieve!

What can help reduce the stress and pressure the practice experiences prior to an inspector (and the team) calling? Is there a remedy out there? Well, the answer is ‘yes’, and today by reading this blog, you’re taking a step in the right direction – that is, a step towards CQC success.

So, before you get the notification of an inspection, why not inform your team that they’re going to undertake some training! Now, if you’re thinking, I don’t know what training to give, start with the ‘CQC for All Staff’ course available in the HUB. This is a free course for all PLUS members and has been designed for all staff working in general practice and gives learners an overview of the CQC, explains what happens when an inspector calls, what to expect on the day of the inspection, and concludes with a short quiz to test the learner’s knowledge.

You could summarise this blog as a clinical consultation:

Problem: Stress

History: Notification received of CQC inspection

Examination: Blood pressure­, pulse­, respiratory rate ­

Comment: Patient continually muttering “I’ve too much to do; where do I start; who’s going to help me?”


(i)         Referral to Practice Index

(ii)        Read CQC Guidance Document [PLUS]

(iii)       Enrol staff on the ‘CQC for All Staff’ course [PLUS in HUB]

Follow-up: Review if symptoms persist

Next steps: It’s time to sign up to the HUB and begin the learning phase, preparing your team for a CQC inspection.

Helpful: We also have a CQC Masterclass, which will put you on your way to Outstanding.


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