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Avoiding nasty cashflow surprises

December 1, 2016, by in Finance, Funding, Spending


There have been plenty of reports recently of delayed or incorrect payments to practices from the NHS. In some cases this has led to salary payments bouncing, direct debits being returned and plenty of headaches and extra work for practice managers. The problem appears to be getting worse and many PMs are saying that they’re

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CQC fees – The Rant! By Nicola Hayward

March 31, 2016, by in CQC, Finance, Funding, Spending


So, you knew this was coming, this rant, it’s no surprise really. Yes, CQC has finally decided what they’re going to do in terms of fees for the 2016/17 year. They had a consultation which was pretty one-sided to be frank…”Responses expressed strong preference for achieving full chargeable cost recovery over four years…” Yet, not only

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End of the financial year – Nicola Hayward

End of the financial year - Nicola Hayward

Well here we are hurtling towards the end of the financial year – a time when we start scratching around for read codes to ensure our QOF figures are as good as they’ll ever be (or rather, as good as they must be at midnight 31st March!).  It’s also the time that CCGs around the

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