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DSQS – What is there?

November 19, 2020, by in CQC, News, Pharmacists, Policies 1 Comment

Pharmacy blurred store drugs shelf interior. Concept of pharmacist and chemist, fake drugs.

Have you ever wondered what those four letters mean and the importance surrounding them? ‘Discussing Stupid Questions and Suggestions’? No, for once this doesn’t relate to PCSE! I have to admit to not remembering whether these letters were even uttered at my practice manager interview but then I have been a PM for a while,…

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Accessibility Regulations 2018: Are you compliant?

Female designer using laptop, sketching at blank notepad. Woman hand writing in notebook on wooden desk. Concept ease of use of Internet and accessibility of information of working process.

Cast your mind back to 2018; there was a lot of talk about regulations, particularly the GDPR (the thought of that makes me shudder!), which came into force in May 2018 and was given much publicity. From me in particular there were policies, e-learning packages, blogs, vlogs and a podcast too! Little did I realise…

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The strategic importance of a Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan in a blue folder.

“Great Scott!” How many times have we all said, “If I knew then what I know now…”? Well, if I could jump in my DeLorean and travel back just a few months, I’d certainly make a plan before I did so. My new-found business plan would include having a stash of downloaded lottery numbers and…

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How do you keep on top of cleaning standards?

Woman doing chores in bathroom, cleaning tap

Cleaning standards and schedule How many times have you bumped into a new member of the cleaning team and they’ve looked… well, a little unsure about the job in hand? Even if they’re being supervised, the supervisor is also on a tight schedule and can’t watch them all the time… So, are you actually getting…

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Social media in the workplace

Hand using smartphone with Social media concept.

A recent poll on the forum showed just 24% of practice managers were friends with staff members on social media. Social media has its positive and negative sides. It can be a great way to keep in touch with people and share multimedia, it can be brilliant for promoting your business or brand, and it…

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Policy Review – A sprint or a marathon? Blog 3 of 3

April 18, 2019, by in Compliance, Policies 0 Comments

Policy Review – A sprint or a marathon?

You should now be well on your way to implementing a structured policy review process within your practice. And you know it’s a whole-team effort and not solely your responsibility (an added bonus). If you decide to opt for the marathon approach, you’ll realise it enables you to review your policies much more thoroughly than…

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Policy Review – A sprint or a marathon? Blog 2 of 3

February 7, 2019, by in Compliance, Policies 0 Comments

Policy Review – A sprint or a marathon?

Compiling a list of your existing policies may have seemed like a laborious task, but it’s the best place to begin when you need to implement a methodical approach to policy review. If you didn’t have a list previously, does the number of policies you have shock you? Do you have all the recommended CQC…

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