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COVID-19 attacks… Pandemic planning

lots of toilet paper rolls. soft hygienic paper. close up

Remember Phil’s ‘Kung Flu Fighting’ blog two flu seasons ago? If only we knew then what we know now, maybe we’d have stockpiled even more toilet rolls as we fast approach meltdown in this new pandemic. This time it’s a cousin of Olly MERS, or is it Olly SARS, that’s causing the global stock markets…

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Coronavirus and telephone triage

contagious coronavirus pandemic, dangerous virus outbreak

With the increasing concern about COVID-19, what should practices be doing to protect themselves against coronavirus? Telephone triage has been suggested as one possible way to minimise potential contact with COVID-19, but will it really work? For practices that don’t currently operate a telephone-triage system, one thing to bear in mind is the level of…

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Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? – by Nicola Davies


Are we ALL getting a little more intolerant? Or is it just those of us over-50s who are going through certain hormonal changes – menopause starts with the prefix ‘MEN’ for a reason you know! We’ve had more patients who are irritated with the service than ever before and I can’t see that improving to…

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NHS App – help or hindrance?

January 23, 2020, by in NHS, Patients, Technology 3 Comments

Young woman holding mobile smart phone and blurred figures of doctors and nurses in a hospital corridor application development sync app,virtual graphic icon diagram

  Technology is specifically designed to help make life easier. This applies to healthcare as much as any area of life, but is the new NHS App – rolled out across the country last year – a good example of such technology and a good use of NHS resources? The NHS App, which is slowly…

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Supporting new mothers during the six-week check

September 30, 2019, by in GPs, News, Patients 0 Comments

Depressed young woman with cute baby at home

The arrival of a new baby is undoubtedly amazing, but it’s also stressful, overwhelming and changes the parents’ lives in every way. Of course, there are also sleepless nights to contend with and a great deal of worry about caring for this new little person. Nothing really prepares you for the experience! Bearing in mind…

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Digital deadlines

Medical Files

Another change is coming, another testing time for general practice. By April 2020, patients are to be given online access to their complete health care records – that’s seven months from now! Whilst in the first instance this will undoubtedly increase the pressure across the sector and create additional workload for practice teams, could it…

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Challenging the measles crisis

August 22, 2019, by in Health, News, Patients 1 Comment

Measles - Medical Concept with Blurred Text, Stethoscope, Pills and Syringe on Blue Background. Selective Focus. 3D Render.

It has been announced recently that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revoked the UK’s status as being “free from measles” following a rising number of reported cases and a decline in the number of children receiving the Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccination (MMR)* Although the virus was previously eliminated in 2016, there has been…

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