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17 ways Practice Managers can negotiate a better price


Unless you’re in a very fortunate (and unusual) position, money is tight at your practice. Staffing costs, indemnity fees, insurance, utilities, supplies…it seems that outgoings are constantly on the rise. At the same time, income is barely keeping up with inflation. It’s therefore unsurprising to hear that many practice managers are honing their negotiation skills…

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Are you paying attention to the practice’s finances?

July 16, 2019, by in Accounting, Money, Pay 0 Comments

Bookkeeper or financial inspector hands making report, calculating. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept

The practice’s finances can be seen as a chore that takes practice managers away from the more important tasks of running the surgery and making sure that there are enough GPs and nurses to see patients. Specialist medical accountant David Lockitt explains that when managed efficiently, finance work can be an invaluable tool in helping…

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Subject Access Requests (SARs) – The need for clarification – Part 2

What do we need? Clarification! When do we need it? Now! You may recall from part one of this blog that I’d emailed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) asking for clarification as to what’s deemed excessive and what’s considered a reasonable fee. Well, I’m still waiting for them to reply, but the automated response did…

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Subject Access Requests (SARs) – The need for clarification – Part 1

Everyone was talking about it and then the day arrived – Friday 25th May, ‘GDPR day’ or perhaps ‘regulation day’; let’s not forget that the Data Protection Act 2018 was also introduced on the very same day! There was no grandiose introduction; suddenly a subject that had generated so much hype and debate seemed to pass…

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Ten ways to negotiate a pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise can be incredibly nerve-wracking. So much so that many practice managers say it’s the hardest thing they’ll do in their role. Many are fine negotiating on behalf of their staff, but when it comes to asking for themselves they encounter a mental roadblock. So, to help you on your way to…

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Card payments – on the money or waste of time?

October 19, 2017, by in Money, Patients, Technology 0 Comments

As we’ve discussed before on the Practice Index Blog, GP practices are increasingly having to think like businesses. That means focusing on return on investment, cutting costs and, crucially, looking for additional income streams. Revenue generation comes in many forms – but it’s only effective if you get paid for it – which brings us nicely…

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PM salaries – what’s going on?


Pay. It’s a topic that’s never far from our thoughts, especially given the proliferation of salary surveys that seem to pop up on an almost monthly basis. How much you’re paid – and whether it’s enough – is an emotive subject too, prompting plenty of debate. When it comes to practice manager salaries, the picture…

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