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Boosting breast screening: a practice manager’s inspirational story

November 28, 2019, by in Health, Interviews


Brenda Nasr, Practice Manager at Earle Road Medical Centre in inner city Liverpool, is a truly inspirational character with an amazing story to tell – one that has recently led to the practice boosting breast screening rates from 52% to over 75%. Having left school at 16 to work as a hairdresser, via a stint

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Ensuring a fair trial

Recruitment is a tough – and time-consuming job, which means ensuring you hire the right person for your vacancy is crucial. Nobody wants to go through the process of hiring a new face, only for that person to be unsuitable for the role, leaving you back at square one. Equally, it’s important that any likely

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Our interview with Roy Lilley – Watch it here now!

Thank you for all of your questions on this thread for Roy Lilley. The whole interview can be seen below but if you’d like to skip to specific answers, please see the timings under the video. If you click on the timings it will take you to that part of the video in a new window. 1)

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Notifying a unsuccessful job applicant

Unsuccessful job applicant

You may have heard about the recent job applicant to a restaurant chain who claims to have been rejected by text, complete with laughing emoji. Texts can be a great form of communication in some circumstances but certainly not for issues such as job rejection as it is both unprofessional and disrespectful to the applicant.

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The Practice Manager Development Fund interview with Dr Robert Varnam

Dr Robert Varnam interview - The Practice Manager Development Fund

At the start of the year we asked our members to post questions for an interview with Dr Robert Varnam (Director of General Practice Development at NHS England). We had an excellent response, and here is the interview!

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Big interview: Institute of Healthcare Management

Institute of Healthcare Management

Using questions submitted via Practice Managers on our forum, Practice Index talks to the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) about the pressures on primary care, future changes, integrated health set-ups and much more.  What should the new government do to make entering general practice more enticing for doctors? The biggest issue in general practice is

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