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GP sickness absence

Hand writing inscription Absence with marker, concept

I’ve never before been in the position of recommending anyone to read a 401 page document … so I won’t start now! Instead, I’ll just say that our friends at NHS Employers have been in touch with some good news: all that we have been saying for the past couple of years about the interaction…

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“Insurance premiums always go up” – one of life’s truisms?

November 14, 2017, by in Insurance 0 Comments

Insurance premiums always go up

When opening an insurance renewal pack – whether for the house, car or, in a work context, the surgery – we tend to steel ourselves for an increase in premium. Years of experience have shown that an unremitting rise in insurance premiums is one of life’s certainties.

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Electronic solution to providing medical reports

Electronic solution to providing medical reports

Most elements of the world we live in would be unrecognisable to someone from even 20 years ago. People now have phones in their pockets that contain more processing power than the computers used for the Apollo landings; we have almost instant access to nearly all the books written, songs recorded and works of art…

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GP sickness absence reimbursement

April 20, 2017, by in GPs, Insurance, Locums 12 Comments

Author: Lynda Cox The new reimbursement provisions, announced in February and effective (in England) from 1st April 2017, mean that practices can claim up to £1734.18 pw for the first 26 weeks of a GP’s sickness absence, falling to half in the second 26 weeks of absence. This doesn’t mean that practices can claim £1734 pw…

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Business continuity – GP staffing

August 4, 2015, by in Insurance, Locums, Staff 0 Comments

Business Continuity - GP staffing

Continuity planning is important for any business and the time to do it is now, not when the cracks start appearing. As far as staffing is concerned, no matter how stable the workforce, it’s always possible for a crisis to land on the practice manager’s desk.  This could range from a valued member of staff…

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