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What would you spend £6m on?

Back in April, the NHS announced details of its General Practice Forward View, an outline of how it would like the country’s practices to develop. Included within that was a promise to deliver £6 million on the development of practice managers. The question of what that money should be spent on came to the fore

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Cash for returning GPs

May 26, 2016, by in Funding, GPs, News


Cash for returning GPs

Practices will be able to access more than £10,000 in funding to help former GPs return to work, it was announced yesterday. The money includes up to £8,000 in relocation allowances and up to £2,000 for education costs. The scheme will also allow up to £2,000 for locum cover for when a returning GPs are

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The Forward View – clear or cloudy?

April 21, 2016, by in Funding, Government, GPs

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The Forward View – clear or cloudy

The big news this week was the long-awaited announcement by the NHS of its big-money rescue plan for general practice. In what has been called the “most significant announcement for our profession since the 1960s”, spending on general practice is to increase by £2.4 billion a year by 2021 – a 14% increase in real

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CQC fees – The Rant! By Nicola Hayward

March 31, 2016, by in CQC, Finance, Funding, Spending


So, you knew this was coming, this rant, it’s no surprise really. Yes, CQC has finally decided what they’re going to do in terms of fees for the 2016/17 year. They had a consultation which was pretty one-sided to be frank…”Responses expressed strong preference for achieving full chargeable cost recovery over four years…” Yet, not only

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End of the financial year – Nicola Hayward

End of the financial year - Nicola Hayward

Well here we are hurtling towards the end of the financial year – a time when we start scratching around for read codes to ensure our QOF figures are as good as they’ll ever be (or rather, as good as they must be at midnight 31st March!).  It’s also the time that CCGs around the

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Merging district and practice nurses

November 27, 2015, by in Funding, Nurses


Merging district and practice nurses

Making the headlines recently was the suggestion made by RCGP Wales that the Welsh Government should merge practice nurse and district nurse roles to create generic ‘primary care nurse’ posts closely linked to surgeries. The RCGP Wales outgoing chair Dr Paul Myres argued that patients currently get ‘fragmented’ care, which lacks continuity, because they have

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Maximising revenue in GP practices

March 12, 2015, by in Funding, Money


GP Practice Revenue Vs Costs

Since the introduction of the new GP Contract, practices have been moving inexorably towards a more business-focused model. This development has corresponded with a greater emphasis on optimising costs, increasing output, placing a greater emphasis on staff and patient relations and, crucially, maximising revenue streams. This situation is more acute than ever given the primary

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