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GP Practice Merger – Financial Considerations

March 21, 2017, by in Finance, Mergers

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GP Practice Merger - Financial Considerations

Merging with other GP practices is becoming an increasingly common route being taken in order to maintain profits at a time of inflating costs. Practices should consider the following financial issues of any prospective merger: Profit shares – This is usually done based on the number of partner sessions worked, but if there were different

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The changing face of practice finance

Payments, practices and financial benchmarking

By Robert Campbell  There’s no doubt in my mind that well-managed practices are on top of their financial affairs. But it’s sad to see so many practices falling foul of the debt collector and struggling to pay their bills, or even becoming bankrupt and closing their doors. Pulls on purse strings Sometimes there are unexpected

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Avoiding nasty cashflow surprises

December 1, 2016, by in Finance, Funding, Spending


There have been plenty of reports recently of delayed or incorrect payments to practices from the NHS. In some cases this has led to salary payments bouncing, direct debits being returned and plenty of headaches and extra work for practice managers. The problem appears to be getting worse and many PMs are saying that they’re

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To Cap’ita all off after no records… No payments!

Are we dealing with ‘ghosts’? Don’t you wish you could grab hold of someone at Capita and throttle them?! Records are not arriving and now payments not being made. As an ex-FPC manager, I could be proud of the work we did to keep general practice running. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful, and whilst

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Flu vaccination revenue

Flu vaccination revenue

At a time when every penny counts in GP practices, the thought of losing revenue from services such as flu vaccinations is one that will fill many practice managers with horror. Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening as pharmacies start grabbing a slice of the business by offering jabs themselves… [PLUS members] Benefits of Practice Index

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Financial benchmarking: how it can help your practice


By Elizabeth Lloyd How do you know if your practice is as profitable as the next one? Could you and your team improve performance? While your practice accounts will help your GP partners assess their investments in the practice, together with their taxable and pensionable profits, it’s increasingly important for this financial data to be

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CQC fees – The Rant! By Nicola Hayward

March 31, 2016, by in CQC, Finance, Funding, Spending


So, you knew this was coming, this rant, it’s no surprise really. Yes, CQC has finally decided what they’re going to do in terms of fees for the 2016/17 year. They had a consultation which was pretty one-sided to be frank…”Responses expressed strong preference for achieving full chargeable cost recovery over four years…” Yet, not only

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